Chapter 54


Hello! And we’re back with another update! Payton is welcoming you back to the fun

First things first, Hunter and Alfred had their baby! Welcome to the fam, Hayden!

These two are still sitting on one more promotion. Hopefully we’ll get that done in this chapter!

To give Graham something to do, I bought a fabricator. I’ve never used it before so I’m going to have fun with this


I have no time for pranksters!

This is Jordan finishing his aspiration!

Graham decided that sleeping on the bench across the road from the house was a better idea than going in the house and sleeping in his bed.



Graham had a fabrication mishap! I love it!

Hunter! You got OLD!!

Homework time! Minus Jordan

Who is doing his homework alone at the table

It’s a vampire break in! AHHH

Oh. Poor Jairo. He’s been the victim the last few times lol

Oooooohh nooooo.

Also, fun fact, I have risky vampirism on lol so there is still a chance he changes

Though I doubt it

Just rest it off man… Just rest it off

Look at these bros just hanging out playing chess together! How FUN

Sims fixing sinks will always crack me up lol

ANOTHER CAREER BITES THE DUST! Thank you Jairo for finishing this.

Not gonna lie though… I thought for SURE Alexandra was going to finish hers first.

But she only works 3 days a week. So I guess I can’t be too surprised.

Haaaaa. I forgot that Jairo has some fame.

Literally every famous sim I play with has this quirk.

It’s annoying

We have flies lol

And just like that, Alex has maxed her career as well! Yay! Just FOUR MORE LEFT!

Agnes… What are you WEARING?!

You look like an escaped convict!

It’s Myles’ Birthday!

And here he is after his makeover!

I don’t think I’ll have him join his teen career yet. I’ll do that once he ages up to adult.

Feels wrong to start that in the teen age when you can’t do that with the other careers

The entertainer career brings in WAY more money than the athlete career. Jairo only just got to the top of his career and he already makes more money than Graham. And Graham has had SIX raises since topping his career.

Payton finished her aspiration!

I missed the candle pic for Graham.

But he’s now an elder… Generation 5 is getting so old now!

I realized that I’ve never shown you Hunter and Alfreds kids! So here they are! Oldest to youngest, Raelynn, Sienna, and Hayden.

They all have really big eyes

So I added something to our fish tank.

Do you see it?

I’ll give you a minute.

Find it yet?

Yeah… I added the toy car. We have a ton of toys around here, so I put one in there for funsies

Blake reached level 10 of the painting skill! That means he has all the skills he needs for his future career!

Oh! And that painting turned out to be a masterpiece!

It’s the twins’ birthday! Up first, Jordan!

Then it was Payton’s turn but I missed the cake pic AGAIN

Well here they are after their makeovers.

I gotta say, I LOVE Payton!

These two are best friends and I love it.

I wish I was close with my cousins… Meh

Oh goodness. How CUTE are these two!?

Hunter and Alfred are expecting ANOTHER kid. Geez.

Graham is trying to get himself into an early grave. Yes, he’s an athlete and has bonus days for being fit, BUT ELDERS STILL DON’T LIKE STRENUOUS ACTIVITY!

Oh this is great! I’m totally doing this!

I wasn’t even trying to unlock this! hahaha


And then it was time for Blake to get started on our final long career!

Thankfully, because he’s got some really neat traits, he starts off at level 4 right off the bat!

Hey look! It’s another birthday!

Now she’s olddddd

Giant Puddle duck “randomly” popped up in the living room.

As in someone peed in on my floor… And I had to do something with it… So here we are.

Ehhhhhh I found the puddle culprit…

I have NEVER seen this pop up before!


I want to choose both!

Note to self: Don’t sponsor an Aspiring Talent. It does not go well for you.

Good thing she’s already maxed her career!

Blake got a promotion on his second day of work! Woohoo Level 5!

Um… Who are you? And why are you in my house?

AND THIS GUY! So many people just helping themselves into our house…


Well. Now everyone is sad. RIP Hunter

And before your kiddo was born!

The final thing that we’re going to squeeze into this chapter is a birthday!

Lookin’ good, Jairo!

And that’s going to bring us to the end of this chapter! Join us next time for more birthday, promotions, and who knows what else!



2 thoughts on “Chapter 54”

  1. The fabricator is one of those things from Eco Living I wanna try because it sounds so fun when it fails lol! Poor Graham tho.
    I think Agnes hit the wrong person with her purse and ended up in jail lol! And then she escaped because she’s Agnes Crumplebottom and they can’t contain her lol
    Also, loving the super cool modern vampire that atteck you lol he looked like he was turned in the early 00s!
    Congrats on reaching the finaly stretch! I hope Blake does great with his career!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agnes in the jumpsuit had me DYING! lol I loved it!
      And I can’t wait to be done with this challenge lol it like the first one I started when TS4 came out and I want OUT lol


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