Chapter 55


Hello and welcome back! We’re back again with another chapter! And we’re starting off with everyone in ONE SHOT! This never happens! I had to double check to make sure that they were all my sims and not intruders lol

I’m going to do my hardest to make this the last chapter. Which means lots of playing for me, edited down for an easier experience for you lol

Okay… But WHY?! I don’t want you to die! Get off!

AND GRAHAM!? Stop you guys! Goodness!

Vampire break-in! Ohhhh nooooo!

(Just kidding. I love them. Probably why I added a mod to make these possible again lol)

Interestingly enough… all of our vampire break-ins have been for either Alexandra or Jairo. The two sims that married into the family.

Is that a weird thing to notice? Because I think so

Poor Alex…

I did this to you…

For content purposes…

Alfred finally birthed his and Hunter’s final kid.

The game tried to give Josiah the “Beatty” surname.





I missed the pop up, but Blake got a promotion! Woohoo! Level 6 let’s gooooooo!

I may have snuck off to Batuu for funzies and came back with a droid.

And a lightsaber

Back to real sim life and it’s Skylar’s birthday! Woohoo!

Still hot stuff!

These two are the best of siblings! And I’m here for it!

I bought some simmies vending machines to do that collection because I’ve never done it

Yes, I’m aware they can die from it.

Which is why only the elders will be doing this

Is that a terrible thing to say?


But everyone else is too important at this point lol

Look at how cute they are!

It’s been a whole day and Jairo keeps getting them stuck.

More than any of the rest of them.

I’m convinced that he’s going to die first lol

It’s Myles’ birthday! Woohoo!

And he obviously jumps right into the fast food part-time career

And maxes it immediately! Woohoo! Just 3 more careers to go!

Who are you and what are you doing in my swamp?!

Wow… Way to go dummy

Why is everyone trying to DIE in this update?! SERIOUSLY!

Blake got a promotion! He’s officially on the Master of the Real career path and is level 7

Homework session for our teens that are still 3 days from their birthday

I decided to move Myles out of the house. His career is done and all he’s doing is taking up space and is just one more person I have to look after lol


We complete the Simmies collection! Apparently the “golden simmies” don’t actually count towards “completing” the collection, they’re just add-ons.




*calls police*

Traveled to the city because I was bored and we got some posters and some snow globes.

Fun times.

Birthday time for the twins! Jordan goes first!

And then it was Payton’s turn!

Jordan is the first one to start his career

And he maxes it completely right away! Woohoo!

Then it was Payton’s turn

And she maxes hers right away as well!

So with their careers maxed, I decided to move them out. I’m looking forward to having less sims in this household lol

So we’re down to




nooooooooo Alexandra! I’ll miss you! You were my favorite spouse!


Dude. You guys have literally lived with Alex for half of your lives and you don’t get a SINGLE SAD MOODLET ABOUT IT?!


Started this chapter with a full house and now here we are

Decided that while we wait for Blake to max his career, we’ll explore Moonwood Mill for a bit

Maybe going during a full moon is a bad idea?

We met Rory!

I’m totally having Graham become a werewolf.

It’s happening

Oh yeah! I’m so excited!

Skylar’s just trying to find somewhere to sleep lol

As is Blake

These are soooo cool!

Kind of a missed opportunity to make them at least a woohoo spot…




Naturally, the first thing to do is to destroy the couch lol

I am personally offended that James made all the toilet paper rolls unroll the WRONG way. Literally all the rolls in the whole world.

What do you MEAN Graham is too proper to start fights?! Damn it!

*makes note to not have a werewolf with the proper trait because THEY CAN’T DO THE FUN STUFF

And obviously, I couldn’t leave without meeting the terrible GREG!

We are now a Greg stan, so no one talk bad about my Greg

Greg does not like the old days.


In other non-werewolf related news, BLAKE GOT A PROMOTION!

Level 8 babyyyyyy

Uh oh.

On a trip to Moonwood Mill, Jairo decided to die.

That is unfortunate.

Everyone came to watch.

Jairo got one last moment in the spotlight

Another great reason to have unbreakable objects lol

Ahhh. We’re about to rampage again lol

Werewolves can groom themselves. Which is pretty funny. There are tufts of fur that fall down while they do this.

NOOOOOO our werewolf fun is at an end!

But it was FUN! I love the werewolf pack! Definitely worth it in my opinion and I didn’t even DO everything!

OooooooooOOO! I’ve not seen the new urns! I’ve seen the tombstones, but not the urns on twitter! These are so cool!

Here’s the tombstone in case you haven’t seen that yet.

Also pretty cool!

At least they got a cool tombstone.

Unlike mermaids

Poor mermaids. The afterthought occult

Little break because this is where I decided to “finish” the build.

As in, I finally decorated the inside with clutter and made things more like an actual “home”

So enjoy the little reno!

And now back to our regularly scheduled Apocalypse!

Aaaaaaaaaaand now Skylar’s dead.

He’s the last man standing.

Fitting that this challenge started with a single male sim and is now going to end with a single male sim

On the plus side, with only one sim, I CAN THREE SPEED THOUGH THE NIGHT!

Promotion!!! Woohoo we’re at level 9 now!


…and now we have two days off…

I had him “give himself a pep talk” over and over again so that he could get over the sadness. I don’t want him moping all over the house all weekend

Uhhhmmmm Yeah I wanna see what it is

Hi Jordan! Now what did you bring me!?

Excuse me? A horse statue? That does not go with my decor

Well, Blake loved it soooooo… I guess it’s okay

Better than an upgrade part at lease lol

We keep getting family visitors! And I love it! Gives Blake something to do

Blake is not a loner at all. He obviously needs to be near other sims. I mean why else would he take the book out to a public bench and read there? lol

Birthday time for Blake!

Make good money! And get a promotion!

Spoiler: He doesn’t get a promotion today…

Blake is now an internet troll. If he’s not trolling the streets for friends, he’s on the computer trolling the forums

Either way, he’s a troll

We had the day off and Geekcon was in town. We we took a little vacation.

Really wanted to hop on one of the gaming mats. But the rocket was also a good option!

Weird to see him outside of Moonwood Mill.

And on a computer

At geekcon of all places lol

He strikes me as the “live off the land” kinda guy

Look! Festival swag!

I never guy these things when I go to festivals.

Which isn’t surprising since I never go to festivals lol

Hey look! It’s Leia!

No no no no no, that’s just Payton in a Leia cosplay!


WE started this journey on August 10, 2016. We’re almost 6 years later EXACTLY from when we started!

If you’ve been here since the beginning, A BIG KUDOS TO YOU for sticking around to read it! And if you weren’t here at the beginning and came to us in the middle or at the end of our journey, THANKS FOR JOINING IN THE CRAZY JOURNEY!

We started off as a simlit and then changed courses to commentary. I didn’t really have a specific storyline for each generation, just that as we unlocked careers, The Waste became more habitable and more people were allowed in and the Utilitarian/Communitarianism style government fades away. If you remember the prologue started with a little girl doing a History of Oasis Springs project. The idea was that the little girl was going to be the great grand daughter of the last sim to complete their career.

While I’m a little sad that I never got to write that, I’M SO HAPPY TO BE DONE!

Once again! THANK YOU for sticking this out with me! I couldn’t have done it without the comments from all of you!


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