Chapter 52


Continuing from the last chapter, Blake is just sooooo cute!

He’s got the independant trait, so he’ll be left on his own for the most part

Especially since the rest of the family besides Olive has skill building to do yet

I don’t make many medium pop art paintings, so I’ve never seen this one before! I LIKE IT

Look at Blake so cute in his little froggy onesie from Gramma!

Graham is the first one to get all his skills where they need to be. So he’s going to be on free will from now on. Enjoy it my friend!

I know I was going to let Blake just live on his own… But I decided I want the skill boost that comes with being a TNT. So we’re SKILL BUILDING!

Alex got a promotion! Woohoo!

She is not getting another youth potion. So this one is real lol

Jairo got another promotion! Wooooooo! Moving on up in the world!

This evil look is the look of someone who’s finished getting her needed skills for all of her promotions. So she’ll be on free will again.

Well, except for when there’s babies lol

Believe it or not… That is the same swatch…

The lighting in this game is so whack…

Alexandra got another promotion! Woohoo! We just keep movin’ on up! She’s at level 4 now!

Time to get going on with the next baby!

Hopefully it won’t take us 8 tries this time

first try this time! Baby incoming!

Skylar got promoted! Level 7!

This cute little pic is Blake maxing all the toddler skills! He’s officially a TNT!

And that is Graham maxing the Pro Athlete career!

Damn that was quick…

Jairo also came home with a promotion! We’re making progress!

Hunter and his husband are expecting another babeh

Olive: What are you doing?

Skylar: Having an accident.

Olive: Is there any reason you’re doing it right here in front of me?

Skylar: Bathroom was too far away.


Yeah, so that just happened.

And I can’t believe that it just happened right in front of Olive like that lol

So Olive decided that it was the best idea to die right in front of the door.

Awwwweeeee! How cute is this painting!!! I have to add it to the toddler’s room!

Okayyyy. I wasn’t going to do this. But I felt bad that everyone else was getting a baby except them. So here we go!

You guys could look a little bit more excited about it…

Graham: My mom just died…

Well that’s true.

Jairo: I’m hungry. And I smell.

Also true

Aaaaand we were successful!

Alex got a promotion!

And she got home just in time for Skylar to go into labor!

It’s a boy! Welcome to the family, Myles!

Also, Alex, why do you look so sad?

Alex: I wanted a girl…

Well there two spots left in the house… (one after Graham and Jairo have their kid) Maybe your last kid will be a girl?

Myles get the SUPER CUTE hedgehog onesie!

Lady, you are one of the most vampire-y vampires I’ve ever seen…

Oh Jairo… I’m so sorry buddy lol

Vampire: Oh wait, lemme play with this clay

Dazed Jairo: hmmmmmMMMMMmmmmm

lol broken vampire! She never did actually drink his plasma

Sklyar got a promotion! She’s level 8 now!

Also, she’s rockin’ that work outfit lol

I just always forget how terribly uncomfortable this makes me when male sims are pregnant lol

Jairo gets to start his actual musical journey! Music branch here we come!!

Terrible snapshot because I was hella distracted lololol

But it’s Blake’s birthday!

Aaannd here he is after his makeover!

Oh very realistic lol

Myles aged up! And he’s freaking adorable! My favorite by FAR

Blake is going to be the one doing the last of the regular careers, so I want him to get the entrepreneurial reward trait, which means I need satisfaction points, so he’s busy working on his aspiration! We need 2000 points for that…



And it’s a boy! Welcome to the family, Jordan!






HERE’S HIS TWIN SISTER! Also welcome to the family, Payton!

And that fills our house…

So no more babies for Alex and Skylar.

Oh well

Alexandra got a promotion! Woohoo!

And Jairo got a promotion as well!!

And leaves us with a wonderful fart. Thanks Jairo

Alexandra has gotten all her needed skills for all of her promotions, so now she just gets to got to work and spend her life on free will!

Myles has maxed both Thinking and communication and is one skill level away from maxing imagination. I kinda forgot about him for a hot second so he’s a little behind. But I’m confident that he’ll max all his skills.

He does still have like 5 days lol

I must have missed it when Hunter and his husband had their second kiddo. Welcome to the family, Sienna!

Skylar got a promotion! This brings her to level 9!

I can honestly say that I’ve never done the oracle branch of this career and I love that outfit! Skylar looks like such a badass!

And this is Blake completing his aspiration!

Hahahaha his final drawing is a cowplant! How cool!

Alexandra got another promotion! And it was the branch promotion! She’s now officially on the Patron of the Arts branch!

I forgot Graham’s birthday… Whoops… Well, he’s a full grown adult now!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I think I’m going to end this one here. I could keep going but we’re already at two chapters of over 50 screen shots each… So yeah. JOIN US NEXT TIME!


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