Date: February 11th, 2124

Location: The City of Glassbolt

Program: The Apocalypse Challenge

Project: RRR (Phase 2)


Greetings citizen. No doubt you have heard of the devastation. Much of the media reports coming out of the City of Glassbolt has been white washed to gloss over what happened there. We know that approximately 5 minutes after half time of the super bowl, the nuclear power plant of Glassbolt melted down, devastating the entire region. The army core of engineers cites that a simultaneous flush of every toilet in the city caused a massive drop in water pressure, thus causing the plant to lose coolant and melt down. This isn’t your ordinary meltdown. That plant was experimental! The fallout is causing strange and odd problems in the region and we have very little detail about what is going on in there.

What we DO know is that we need a leader, a hero to willingly go in there, establish themselves in the region and help restore the region back to normal. We have one other bit of declassified information. This actually happened 20 years ago. We’ve lost contact with the region. You, citizen, have been choosen. You were specially selected to be able to solve these issues. So get in there and show us what you are made of! The lost city of Glassbolt is depending on you!