Chapter 53


Hello! And welcome back to yet another chapter! We’re really trucking now! Graham is just freeloading since he’s at his max career, Skylar only needs one more promotion and then she’s done, Alexandra is level 7 of her career and she has all the skill points needed so she’s just chilling and going to work, Jairo is level 6 and needs two more piano skill points. Currently, he’s the most behind lol

Blake is working on the mental skill to hopefully get an early start on the logic skill

And Myles has literally just maxed his last toddler skill with this trip down the slide

And the twins are just being babies.

JUST KIDDING! They had a birthday!

They’re adorable!

Alexandra has the fishing aspiration, so we’re out doing some fishing so that we can maybe get enough to get the entrepreneurial trait. But I’m not sure she’s going to get 2000 points before she maxes her career on her own lol

I’d like to do the same with Jairo since he’s the furthest behind. But he’s go the fabulously wealthy aspiration… So I doubt he’ll earn enough lol

But he just got a promotion. So maybe he doesn’t need it either lol

Graham reads Myles a story while his own kids are sleeping.

But damn if this isn’t a really cute picture lol

haaaaa oops. Well that’s a problem

*pays bills*

Uh oh. Looks like Jairo was running on empty!

Like father like son. Jordan follows Jairo’s footsteps and passes out in the hallway

Graham! What the hell! Again?! Why must you always be getting on top of things you shouldn’t get on top of?!


It’s Alexandra’s birthday! We’re heading into full adulthood now!

Blake is now in the bear phase! It’s my favorite just because it’s the most RIDICULOUS phase lol

Don’t mind Payton just hanging out and eating her grilled cheese in the bathroom.

That’s a totally normal place to eat your grilled cheese.

I’d be worried if she was eating frank n beans in the bathroom.

My keyboard started to die so I had to look for the charger and I missed this very important notification! Skylar has maxed her career! woohoo! One more notch on the ladder!


It’s Myles’ birthday! Woohoo! One less toddler!

And here he is after his makeover! I love him!

Jordan had another accident… whoops

Jairo maxed the piano skill! That means he has all the skilled needed to go all the way in his career now! So he’ll be mostly on free will except for me making sure he goes to work lol

We needed to make a BFF (and also meet new sims) for Myles’ aspiration. So we’re friend hunting!


And then it was Myles’ birthday!

Just ignore all those plates one the table…

Payton is the first of the twins to max all her toddler skills.

Vampire break in!

Poor Alexandra

Jordan finally maxes all of his toddler skills. So the twins are just waiting for their birthdays now!

This is so gross.

But that’s exactly why I put those shelves there lol

Alex got a promotion! This brings her to level 8!

aaahhhhh. So this is why I never have food in my fridge…

Jairo got a promotion! He’s now also level 8!

While meeting kids to make friends with for his aspiration, Myles met Raelynn! Who is in fact, his cousin! That’s Hunter’s oldest kiddo!

Blake maxed the mental skill, which means that he can start learning the logic skill early! And he still has 2 days before his birthday!

Alexandra is still fishing. Even though at this point I think it’s a waste of time.

But she’s got nothing let to do lol

Hunter and Alfred are expecting another kiddo!

So exciting!

I dunno why I thought you needed 5000 points for this, but WE’RE GETTING IT!


It’s a birthday parade!

And here are the twins after their makeovers! They’re so cute!

Oh no… The counter disease is spreading…

I forgot to pay the bills…


that’s twice is the same chapter!

I’m a terrible simmer lol better revoke my sims license right now

Bills paid and now it’s time for Blake’s birthday!

uhh. So here he is before his makeover lol

But here he is after his real makeover. I love the green pants lol

Homework study session! Woohoo!

This is Myles maxing the social skill as well as completing his aspiration!

Blake and Jordan are having a fight. No idea why. But it’s a thing lol

a;lwdkjfai!!! WHERE’S THE OPTION TO ASK ON A DATE!?!?!

So he popped up in our relationship panel after this and I tried to invite him over, but apparently HE’S SLEEPING?! It’s 3:55pm. DID HE BUTT TEXT ME IN HIS SLEEP?



Spoiler: I checked him out in CAS because duh, and he’s a vampire.

I guess that explains why he was sleeping lol

UMMMMM why are you asking a CHILD if you should have a baby?!

I mean, the answer is yes obviously… But STILL

Blake is going to tackle the final “career” career of the challenge so he’s getting a head start on his skills needed for that

I literally never play with the bird feeders, so I bought one for fun! And look! We’re collecting feathers now!

I’ll have to remember this for my achievement challenge!

Alex got a promotion! Woohoo! She only needs one more promotion to max her career!

Skylar has become obsessed with working out. It’s literally all she does when she isn’t working now lol

Just look at Myles trying to get some time with his mom, but she’s too busy for him at the moment


So I added another 4 bird feeders around the house and in less then a day, we were able to complete the feather collection.

That was a lot faster and easier than I thought.

We even had enough to assemble the bird statue!

Jairo got a promotion today as well!

He also only needs to get one more promotion to max his career!

And I think that this is where I’ll end this one! Thanks for hangin out with me! Join me again next time!


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