Chapter 50


Hello and welcome back friends to another chapter of my Apocalypse challenge! We start things off with Ben cleaning up all of Emily’s old undrunk drinks.

I’ve also come to the decision that I want Skylar to be heir lol. And since I currently have her down to do a teen career, I’m switching her and Hunter.

So Hunter will do the babysitter career and then move out while Skylar will do the Oracle branch of the criminal career

I’m not going to have him start it yet though. I’ll wait until he’s a YA.

OH yeah. I forgot we had this little guy lol

Friends, Rachel adopted a dog! Everyone meet King!

Jill came by to visit while we were all at work and school. Sorry Jill, you have to get here earlier than that if you want family time.

Two hours later and she was back again.


Yeah, they’re still gone.

Nurple just having all the atomic farts…


I made a cake for Graham’s birthday. But SOMEONE ATE A PIECE!

So we made a new one and when Graham got home from school, he was able to get his cake

And here he is after his makeover!

I like him!

Nurple is just doing all the things today lol

…And then he left. Rude

Not sure if I want to get a new one or not…

Olive got this phone call. We obviously said yes, go for it! lol

It’s Monday afternoon and it’s project time! Skylar has one too, she’s just doing hers out on the back porch since we don’t have room anywhere else lol

I kept getting the popup that said Graham is at school and should he skip. Well I was confused. Then I saw this…





Ben’s age bar started bubbling while the kids were at school, so we quick pulled out the cake and blew out the candles


Yes, that is the exact face I’m making right now. Thanks for picking up the violin…

This guy is our Master Crafter. And apparently he brought us something he fabricated.

He ended up giving it to Skylar. So that’s interesting.

But you know the best part?


The fuck kind of gift is that?!

Apparently Skylar also thought it was a dumb gift!

And then it was Skylar’s birthday!

This is obviously her before her makeover but I couldn’t just let this go without documenting it for all of you as well.


And here she is after her makeover.

Much better.

Though I’m terrible in CAS sooooooo……

Um… Skylar? What the heck are you looking at online? o_O

So I ended up getting another rodent. This one is called Barnaby! Welcome to the family, Barnaby!

And then he brought us a post card!

So we added it to the rest of our postcards that we got from Nurple, may he rest in peace.


I can’t even with this game lol

A little reset and her head is as good as new.

Still weird that it disappeared in the first place lol

It’s Hunter’s birthday!

After cake we immediately got him into the babysitter career.

And he already has enough charisma, so I don’t think it’ll take him long to get to the top

Case and point. He just got the job and he’s already at the max level. So it’s bye bye Hunter!

Have fun in autonomy land!

We’re treading in dangerous waters here…

Olive’s birthday finally came around!

And she hits the elder stage with “grace” and her work outfit

What?! Noooo! It feels like we just got him!

I keep forgetting that we can have elders retire now. So I had both Ben and Olive retire. Enjoy your twilight years!

I just want you all to know that this is an actual thing in my game.

Be jealous you don’t have and Adonis Straud.

Ah.. I almost missed this! Hunter got married!

Aaaaaaaaand then we had a death wave in the family… Yikes

And now that we lost our second rodent… It was time to get rid of the rodent cage and we got a fish aquarium! A lot less maintenance lol

I got a couple of knitting baskets for Ben and Olive to keep them occupied in retirement.

Also, I want the baby clothes lol

Also also, look at Ben trying to copy off of Olive lol


This just shows you how long I’ve been playing for this chapter lol

I’m determined to get Skylar to YA before ending this.

Which is still 5 days away

But today is Graham’s birthday!

Of course the first thing we did after aging him up was to get him into his career. He will be doing the other athlete career branch.

Not even an adult for 12 hours and you obviously can’t take care of yourself

I have no hopes for you at all lol

Ummmmmm. What is happening here?

Answer: Nothing. It was werid.


I’ll miss you buddy.

Well, now’s as good a time as ever to get Skylar into a relationship. That way we’re ready for when she takes over.

So everyone meet Alexandra Sigworth! She’s pretty cute!

Just look at how cute they are together!

Graham got a promotion!

Obviously Since Ben died, Jill was not far behind

Goodness are they cute or what?! I’m super excited for Alex to join our family!

Got this notification. I am again not ready…

Haaaaa…. Whoops….

Graham got the branch promotion! So he’s officially on the professional athlete branch!

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Skylar’s birthday!

But first, Hunter’s having a baby! lol

And just like that, we’re at the end of generation 4! We’ll see you in Gen 5!


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