Chapter 46 – All The Promotions


Hello hello again! We’re back! And we’re kicking off a new generation! Welcome to “heirship” Ben!

Also, we got him and Jill jobs in the Astronaut career and the both start at level 3!

Ben with be doing the Space Ranger branch and Jill will be doing the Interstellar Smuggler branch

I mean, I’m not going to say no…

…I should have said no…

Look at these two working on skills. Emily is also working on her charisma upstairs. The girls are killing it!

Ben on the other hand is upstairs sleeping because he just spent all night tanking the little relationship we had with Olive

She is still around though. Well she was. Until Ben woke up. As soon as he got out of bed, she bolted.


We could have had lunch

But then she came over again right before he left for work. I can’t keep up with her lol

Olive is Lilly’s fan! So cute!

Ben gets back from work and Olive is still around. So we tried working our charms again and this happened! That sentiment is so cute!

After a looooooong conversation, we were finally able to get Olive to move in!

And that means that we can give her a makeover! So here she is after!

And then we got her started in the Secret Agent career. She has to start from level 1 unfortunately.

Emily got a promotion!

We’re finally making headway in their romance… lol took forever

Poor Jill is not a fan of all of Olive and Ben’s romancing in the living room lol

So the PDA party was taken upstairs out of prying eyes. And they made some nice progress.

Lots of good progress lol

Ben stole this from work. It’s a T-Rex. I love it lol

We were finally able to propose to Olive!

She said yes.

And we eloped immediately lol

Look at mister beef cakes here. Gross

Emily got to pick her branch! And obviously we picked Mixologist since we already did the chef branch lol

Olive got a promotion on her first day of work!

And then a couple of hours later, Rachael got a promotion as well!

And we have baby incoming!

Second day of work, second promotion! Jeez, Olive is killing it!

and then later that day, both Ben and Jill also brought home promotions!

Who let Olive near the stove? This is not a good idea.

Also, I really like Olive

Decided to try some jogging instead of boxing. I’m pretty sure he’s at max fitness, but just in case he’s not, we’re working on cardio lol

Current heir and previous heir chatting before previous heir kicks it

Olive got another promotion. Geez, this girl is just raking them in!

Olive’s mom, Tina Tinker, came over! Hi!

Wooooooow. She didn’t even come for her daughter. She came to give Jill and UPGRADE part.


Rachael got another promotion!

This was also the branch promotion, so she’s officially on the Management track! She’s at level 7 of her career at the moment

Lilly skipped out of work early so she could die on the sidewalk.

And nothing like a famous sim dying on the street to draw in a crowd!

Ben stole another photo from work. Not gonna lie, I’m not so mad about these. Better then stealing piles of dirty plates

Shortly after Lilly’s passing, Olive went into labor. It’s baby time!

It’s a boy! Welcome to the family, Hunter!


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