Chapter 33 – Aftermath


Michael’s Journal Entry #9

They next morning when after Elliot was taken was a rough one for mom and dad. All they wanted to do was stay upstairs in the sleeping quarters and just be alone. I know they were devastated when I told them that Reuben came last night to take Elliot away. Mom more so than Dad since she grew up in The Waste and dad didn’t. But either way it’s not easy news to take.

I could tell they weren’t actually surprised when I told them. They shared a look that said they were expecting something like this to happen at some point. We all know that Elliot was never one to really follow the rules. But even if you’re expecting it, it’s still hard to hear.

And the rest of the family didn’t take the news well either. And it’s interesting to watch how everyone reacts to the news.

Hailey has thrown herself into her work. Yes, she’s always been into her work, but I’ve never seen her work with this kind of fervor before. She’s hogging the computer. Both Adam and Claire are finding it hard to get their necessary time on there to get their stuff done.

But Claire doesn’t mind too much. She spends a lot of time taking care of little Sarah. I think she’s determined to make sure that our daughter doesn’t end up like Elliot. But I’m not convinced that it’s something we can control. I mean, I don’t think my parents raised him to be an evil mobster who doesn’t follow the rules. But if it makes her feel better, then I can’t really talk her out of it.

Meanwhile, Adam sleeps. I don’t know why. I think he’s just given up. And he was getting much better with his depression and everything. This happened at the worst time for him. I think he’s just exhausted with everything. And it doesn’t help that he works the most out of all of us. It’s no wonder he’s just so tired all the time. I can see it bothers my dad, but he doesn’t say anything especially since Adam just recently started talking to him again.

And then there’s me. I’m pissed. Elliot set me up. The only reason that he told me what had happened with that girl was so that I would get in trouble. True to his word, Reuben did come back to talk to me. He gave me a warning. He said the only reason that I wasn’t being taken this time was because I had just had a baby. I’m almost positive that Elliot turned himself in just to try and get my in trouble. I have no idea why he would do that. Which is why I’m so MAD!

Of course with everything that’s going on, Claire is taking this opportunity to once again convince me that I need to make up with my parents. And honestly, I’ve come to agree with her. After everything that just happened with Elliot, I can’t keep doing this to my parents. I had to have a talk with them.

So I told them everything. How I felt growing up, how I felt now, and how I’m positive Elliot set me up. It was hard doing that and watching my mother’s eyes fill with tears the whole time I was talking. I know it was horrible timing on my part to do this, but I feel much better getting it off my chest. I’ve gone so long feeling like the unwanted child and like the disappointment that it was really cathartic to deal with all this pent-up anger that I had built up.

Mom and Dad were shocked to learn that I had felt this way. With everything that just happened with Elliot, they’re worried that now something is going to happen with me. I assured them that was not the case and I was just getting all this off my chest. They both apologized and make sure to let me know that they did not try to make me feel like that on purpose. They claimed I had been an independent child so they spent more time helping my needier siblings. While I may not agree with that, I’m trying to get over all of this and decided to forgive them anyway.

I gave each of them a hug and told them that I loved them both. It had been a long time since I said that to either of them, that I think it took them by surprise. But I gotta say, I should have listened to Claire sooner. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders after this conversation. Claire has been a family saver!

It’s funny though, after having that conversation with my parents, I feel like a different person. Which means that I can be a much better father to Sarah.


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