Chapter 32 – Reconditioning


Michael’s Journal Entry #8

So remember how I said I caught Elliot kissing a girl outside of our house? Well right after that, he started yelling at me and telling me to keep out of his business and to worry about myself. Of course that’s not gonna happen. He’s my brother and I love him even if he is a complete idiot.

But what he told me next, I never thought I would ever here him say…

He actually confessed. I don’t know if he was just feeling guilty and he wanted to get it off his chest or what. But he told me that he’s been seeing her secretly for a while. All those fishing trips he’s been taking? Yeah that was him going out to meet her. I was shocked. He’s been going on these “fishing trips” for years…

But as if that wasn’t enough, his next bit of information was heartbreaking.

Apparently, a couple of days ago when they met up for one of their rendezvous, she told him that she was pregnant with his child.


He could get in serious trouble for this! Having a child while not being in the breeding program is a tier 1 offense. This is a major crime. I know he works in the mob so he doesn’t care, but if the government ever caught wind of this… he would be in serious trouble. As a matter of fact, I have no idea why he even told me. The look in his eye was calculating. I’m sure he has an ulterior motive for telling me, but I have no idea what it is.

I’ve tried to forget about the whole thing. The less I know the better. I’m not going to tell on him, I’m not a snitch. But I’m trying to distance myself from him so I don’t get caught up in all his drama.

But it didn’t work.

We got a visit from Reuben a few days later. His timing was too perfect for it to be a coincidence. Someone had told the government.

And my poor Claire, she had gotten up because the baby was being restless and keeping her awake so she had the unfortunate pleasure of answering the door. When he asked for Elliot, she was confused. He was at work so he wasn’t even home.

Unfortunately though, Reuben must have known he was going to be coming home at that moment because Elliot came up the path at that moment. Elliot misread the situation and thought that Reuben was here to do something to Claire. So he started yelling and saying that Claire and I had done nothing and that it was time for him to leave.

When Claire told me that, I lost it. Even after the way I had treated him, he still looked after us and tried to protect us. But Reuben didn’t come for us…

Reuben then told Elliot that he wasn’t here for Claire or I, but that he was here for him. He told Elliot that he knew about him and the girl and he knew that the girl was pregnant.

He was here to take Elliot for reconditioning.

Now here’s when I came outside to see what was going on. I had gone looking for Claire because it was weird for her to be gone for such a period of time. And that’s when I found them outside. The minute Elliot and I made eye contact I knew what was going to happen next.

But I tried to ignore this and tried to plead with Reuben. I know that this would only break my mother’s heart. But Reuben just stuck his nose up at me and said that it was out of his control.

Elliot turned to me and he got this sick smile on his face and sneered at me that this was all my fault and that I told Reuben about the baby. He said he knew it was me because I was the only one that he had told. I guess that’s why he told me everything. He tried to get me into trouble.

Reuben gave me a look that said he’ll be back to talk to me later and then him and Elliot walked away. I have no idea when I’ll see Elliot again. Or if ever.

But that’s not all that happened that night…

Claire went into labor right after we lost sight of Elliot and Reuben. I think all the stress of what had just happened trigger her to go into early labor.

So we ended the night losing Elliot, but gaining a new addition to the family. My daughter, Sarah.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 32 – Reconditioning”

  1. Wooow,this story is really getting dramatic t this point! I feel bad for Elliot even if he has not been exactly kind or anything :/ but yeah, the whole situation is hard with all the restrictions and It really is going to be a hard for all, I wonder if we’ll see Elliot again! And also what will happen to Michael!

    On a happy note, congrats on the baby girl! It’s really ironic how It seems to be girl-season in all your games except the baby Boom! D:


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