Chapter 31 – Reckless


Michael’s Journal Entry #6

So there was good news on the work front last week. I was able to bring home a punching bag! This is great! Now I can put some of the theories that I’ve been reading about to use! Of course, Mom and Claire are not thrilled that it’s a PUNCHING bag. They’re worries that it’s going to send wrong message that violence is okay. I honestly don’t think its terrible. If anything, it’ll be a good idea to teach my kids how to defend themselves from the likes of the people who are up to no good. The people like Elliot.

Speaking of my kids, Claire has been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately. She’s having a real problem with the morning sickness. Thankfully though, my mom has been there right by her side to keep her spirits up. As this is our first, Claire is really nervous. So it’s nice that she has someone there to help her though it since she doesn’t have her own mother anymore.

But I don’t even know how much longer that Mom’s going to be around. She’s been really tired lately. I think all those years of busting her ass to finish her work mandate have finally caught up to her. I’m worried that she won’t be around to see her grandchild being born. Of course, Claire’s noticed this too and has been on me about “airing my grievances” with my parents. But I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet.

Speaking of grievances, I’ve noticed that Dad and Adam are getting along much better. At least they’re talking more than they used to. I think Adam has even told dad what his job is! Which is something my parents have been trying to get out of him for YEARS! Claire likes to take credit for their reconciliation, but I know that Adam was going to do it eventually, even without Claire’s help. She just sped the process up.

But, she has no room to talk. I witnessed her and Hailey having some sort of argument the other day. I have no idea what they were arguing about. And as a matter of fact, I completely forgot about it until just now when I wrote it down.

Why did I forget about it you ask? Well because something else much more important happened.

So for a bit of set up and setting for you (sorry, my mom was an author…). Since I work in an athletic career where I’m expected to stay in shape, I have a routine. I usually box for a couple of hours in the morning right after I wake up and then I go to work. Then later in the evening I go for a jog. Now, this day, I was a little late in going for my jog, so I was out later than normal.

Well on this jog, I was on my way home when I spotted a couple of figures outside of our bunker. As I got closer I recognized one of them as my older brother, Elliot. I did not recognize the woman he was with. And then I was SHOCKED when I saw him KISS her! He knows that is forbidden for anyone not in the breeding program!

Naturally, I came over and started yelling at them. If anyone else has seen them, they would have been reported immediately! If they get caught, they would both be reconditioned! And, even though Elliot and I haven’t really bonded, I would hate to lose him because of some silly infraction! I hope they listen to me and stay away from each other. I don’t think that the next person who catches them will be as kind as me.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 31 – Reckless”

  1. I’m laughting a little because it looks like Adam is on fire on that picture with Caleb xD

    But I must say I wasn’t expecting that plot twist with Elliot! I guess he has Caleb’s gens after all *remembering about Luna* but yeah, they were really lucky Michael was the one who saw them!

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