Chapter 24 – Hailey and Michael


Caleb’s Journal Entry #19

I’m the father of grown children. When did they get so old?! When did I get so old?! And what’s even worse is that both Hailey and Michael had their test out a few weeks ago. So now all of my children are adults. How weird is that?! I know it’s weird for me! Both Elliot and Adam are more than content to just be by themselves and do their own thing. Elliot’s gotten back into fishing (thank goodness… I haven’t had time to lately since I’ve been so busy at work) and Adam is either working on the computer for his job (which he’s still not told us what it is…) or reading a book. Adam used to be so social. The loss of the government position really changed him. It’s really unfortunate.

Anyway! On the day of the big test, Michael overslept. And since Hailey and him had had an argument the night before, she left without him and didn’t wake him up. I had to talk with her about that, but he still made it. Although, I’m not sure if Michael even cared to be honest. The kid is so laid back, I’m not sure if he cares about anything. But he passed. Barely. Hailey passed with flying colors though. I had no doubts about her.

And now both of them are out in the world and doing their own thing and keeping their own journals. Just like the rest of the family.

Hailey’s Journal Entry #1:

So I finally finished school! I’ll miss all the friends I had there (they all lived in different Zones), I’m happy that I’m done! No more dragging Michael though and doing his homework. Mom and Dad never knew that. Michael hated anything to do with books and studying. So it’s a relief that we’ve gone our separate ways and he’s now responsible for his own stuff. No more mooching off me!

Anyway! I got my work mandate and I’m a journalist! I’m so excited to start this chapter of my life!

Mom of course was ecstatic! Apparently the journalist’s offices are on the floor underneath hers. So we’ll see each other often! This is so exciting! I can’t wait for my first day! I hope my co-workers are nice and my boss is friendly!

Michael’s Journal Entry #1:

You know what sucks? School. You know what’s great? Not having to go to school. My life is ten times better now that I don’t have to go to boring, stupid classes and learn stupid things that I’ll never use again in my life. I’ve never been good with books, just ask Hailey. She’ll tell you I’m an idiot and the only reason that I passed was because she did all my homework. But she didn’t take my test for me. I did that all on my own. It’s just wonderful when your whole family just expects you to suck at everything. I can tell mom and dad were surprised I passed when I told them. Makes a guy feel really good about himself.

Thankfully though, I don’t have to do much of anything with books anymore. I get to be a professional bodybuilder. Nothing gives me such a thrill then the strain of my muscles as they work to lift more and more. I can’t wait.

Oh. And one other piece of news that Reuben told me: I’ve been selected for the breeding program. Wonderful.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 24 – Hailey and Michael”

  1. I Knew it Will be Michael! …well, I thought it Will be Adam at first but Sincé he didn’t got chosen when he got his job Michael wasthe next obvious choice xD

    Also, is so sad to see Adam all unhappy with his job D/: he was so adorable before!


    1. I did seriously consider Adam. But I thought it would be more interesting to do Michael’s story. Elliot and Adam’s stories are pretty obvious about the direction they take. Michael’s is a little more challenging, so it’ll be fun to flesh that out!


      1. Good point! It will be interesting to see how he deals with getting a partner, being a father and all that stuff with his personality being kind of inmature and laid back so far xD aaand I’m pretty excited to meet the Lucky girl btw 😀


  2. I’m glad it’s Michael! I’ve never seen the body builder in action (it doesn’t appeal to me, so I’ve never played it), and I can’t wait to meet his mate. Question, do you marry them? Or just have them be couples?


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