Chapter 20 – Time Flies


Caleb’s Journal Entry #16:

So with Elliot out of school and “working” so many late nights, he’s really dropped the ball with providing fish for the family. Which, of course, means that I’ve had to start going back out. I’ve realized that I relied on him so much for the fish that I’ve lost a little bit of my own fishing skill! It’s been nice to reconnect a little bit with my love of nature.

But, with Adam’s test out date coming up, I want to make sure that I’m there to help support him like we did for Elliot. Of course, Adam hasn’t had any problems with his schooling that I doubt that he doesn’t even need our help. All he’s been talking about since Elliot has tested out is when he’s going to do it and where he’ll be placed in the work force. He still has this ridiculous notion that he wants to join the government when he tests out.

I’m not gonna lie, I would be devastated if my good little boy was forced to become a mindless government drone and dress like Jonas and Reuben…

Speaking of the devil, just like when Elliot was getting ready to test out, Reuben has taken to stalking my family. Only this time, Adam is all over the man. He’s consistently asking about the government positions and which one he thinks he’ll get.

I don’t know what kind of stuff Reuben’s been telling him, but I can see Adam’s hopes getting higher and higher. And I’m not necessarily convinced that Reuben’s being entirely truthful with Adam…The boy is too nice and good to work in government… hopefully Reuben will see that and place him somewhere else.

On a happier note, Hailey and Michael have entered their teenage years. Which obviously makes me and old person. I can’t believe that my babies are teenagers! When did that happen?! Marie actually mentioned grandchildren the other day. I thought she was crazy and it was too early to think about that, but now… She may not have been as crazy as I thought. Who knows! Maybe Adam will be chosen for the Breeding Program!

Speaking of Marie, she and I are devoting time to ourselves lately. With four kids, finding time to ourselves has been really hard for the past ten years. But now that our kids are older and able to handle and take care of themselves, it’s given us a chance to reconnect and appreciate each other.

Hard to believe that we hated each other when Jonas first brought her over to my bunker, eh? Now I couldn’t imagine living here without her.


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