Chapter 17 – Reuben


Caleb’s Journal Entry #13:

So you remember how in my last entry I told you I finally met Jonas’ replacement? Yeah, well Reuben came by the house again the other day. I’m beginning to think that the only reason that the only reason that he even came by to introduce himself was because he had a hidden agenda. It’s almost like he knew that he was going to be coming back in a few weeks to give me some bad news. I mean, we haven’t had any real contact with the government for YEARS and then out of nowhere, Reuben comes by and now he’s making regular visits. Something is going on.

And he told me what it was… Since Elliot’s grades are pretty steady at the DC, he’s being scheduled for the Aptitude Test (that’s The Waste’s version of final exams) which will allow him to test out of the DC and he can enter the work force. That has been scheduled for later next year, so he has a year to study and get ready. I was also informed that he will be monitored closely for the next year to make sure that, when the time comes for his work mandate to come though, he’s place in the field that he’ll be most useful in.

While that news wasn’t too troubling (besides the fact that Elliot will be monitored. I don’t necessarily think that’s a good idea with all the trouble we’ve been having with him lately, but I don’t make the rules…) What’s more troubling is when I worked up the nerve to ask him about the breeding program. As you know, I’m worried that one of my children will be whisked out of the house and forced to marry someone away from the rest of us, like what happened to Marie. I know our bunker is small with the six of us in it, but I couldn’t imagine any of my kids being forced to move somewhere where I’ll never see them again.

Unfortunately, Reuben wasn’t full of answers for me. While he told me that at least one of my children will be selected for the breeding program, I was not “privy” to that information at the moment. He said that when the time comes, I’ll be told the necessary information. Of course, the fact that he told me one of my children will be selected, only confirmed my fears and now all I do is worry about which of my children I’ll never see again. It’s one of the worst feelings you can have as a parent. And I don’t know how to tell Marie that she’ll have to say good-bye to one of her children for forever.

I hate Reuben for this.

And, like I predicted, Marie was not happy. I asked her if she had any idea how the whole program worked. As someone who grew up in The Waste, I figured she might have more of an insight into the whole thing. Unfortunately, she told me that the breeding program is one of the most heavily guarded programs in The Waste. No one outside of the government really know the rules as to how and why people are picked for the program. And even if you are part of the government, you have to have special clearance to look at those files. To be honest, this whole program is starting to sound SUPER sketchy if you ask me. But I’m in no position to really do anything about it besides vent in this journal.

I guess all I can do is wait to find out which of my kids will be picked.

Will it be Elliot? Who’s recent behavior has been troublesome?

Will it be Adam? Who’s always willing to lend a hand?

Will it be Michael? Who’s always full of energy?

Will it be Hailey? Who’s imagination is out of this world?


3 thoughts on “Chapter 17 – Reuben”

  1. Poor Caleb. He’s now going to worry until they tell him which child he’ll never see again. Hopefully they don’t pick up on how Elliot’s acting recently while they’re monitoring him.


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