Chapter 14 – Discipline


Caleb’s Journal Entry #11:

Send help! Marie and I are at our whit’s end here! We now have two toddlers running around the bunker. I didn’t think it would be so bad, Adam was a breeze as a toddler! But obviously, having two has quadrupled the parenting difficulty! And it’s like they purposely live on opposite schedules so that Marie and I NEVER get a moment’s peace!

Thankfully, Marie and I are a great team! When both of use are home, we are able to tag-team really well and still have time for Marie to work on her books. It’s about the only time she gets to work on them since I’m working so much overtime at work which leaves her alone with the kids. Adam helps out as much as he can, but he’s only a child himself. Elliot could help out more, but… we’re having our own issues him.

The other day, I caught Elliot getting in a fight with one of the other Zone residents. I couldn’t believe it! Where have I gone wrong? Was it something I did? Something I didn’t do? There is no worse feeling than the feeling that you have failed your child as a parent. I fear that Elliot is going to get himself involved in something that he won’t be able to get out of. I don’t know how our family will handle that. Especially Adam, he’s such a kind soul. Almost the opposite of Elliot…

Needless to say, I was not happy with Elliot. The kid looked surprised when I yelled at him for fighting too. Apparently, according to him, “it’s what all the kids are doing.” I call bullshit on that one, there’s no way that’s true. He’s just trying to justify his abusive actions. Well, I won’t condone that. Not while he lives in my bunker!

I filled Marie in on what happened and, like me, she was not impressed. Thankfully, she has a cooler attitude than I do and she didn’t over react like I did. We talked about the punishment that we would give him. He has to learn that his actions have consequences and that he needs to think before he acts. I wanted to keep him locked to his bed until he graduates, but Marie calmly stated that in order to graduate, he needed to at least go to school. So we decided on a punishment and sat him down to explain how things would work.

He’s not allowed to leave the bunker alone except for school for two months. And on top of that, he will be in charge of all the household maintenance until I deem that he’s learned his lesson. As you can imagine, he was not happy. But hey, someone’s got to keep the sinks working!


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