Chapter 13 – All My Children


Caleb’s Journal Entry #10:

Remember how I said that Adam couldn’t wait for his little siblings to grow up so he could play with them? Well, he is definitely true to his word! The minute the little tykes had their birthday he gave both of them a big hug and told them how happy he was that they could now play together. I think that with Elliot growing up and having different…interests… hurt Adam’s feelings and he doesn’t want that to happen to Hailey and Michael. Adam really is a great kid! I don’t know what I would have done if he had turned out to be more like Elliot.

I mean the kid is the total package! He’s become really popular at his Zone Development Center (The Waste’s version of school) and is always outside hanging around and talking to his friends. I did have to remind him a few times that visiting other bunkers was strictly off-limits unless he wanted to get arrested and be reconditioned. Of course hearing that made him scared and then I had to calm him down. He’s a little sensitive. I hope that he toughens up a little bit when he gets older. But for now, he’s perfect the way he is. I mean I never see Elliot out there cleaning up the Twins’ messes. And let me tell you, those two are constantly making messes. But Adam is always there with a mop, ready to clean it up! (Good thing two, otherwise I would have gone bald from pulling my hair out!)

Although, I will say, in Elliot’s defense, he does do a majority of the fishing in the family. Adam has no interest in fishing (it hurts the fish he says) and I hardly have time to fish with work and taking care of the little ones. I think Elliot likes fishing because it gets him out of the bunker away from the rest of the family. He’s been doing that a lot lately. If he’s not fishing out by the creak, he’s sitting on the bench out in front of our bunker doing his homework or reading a book. I’m not sure if this is just a phase of his, or if he genuinely doesn’t want to be around people. I’m going to have to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t become too isolated. I’m just worried that if he’s by himself too much that he’s going to have problems later in life, socially.

The twins have started to really show off their different personalities. Michael has a really bad habit of taking off his clothes and his diaper and running around naked. I’ve never seen such a child with such energy! Sometimes (and don’t tell ANYONE I said this) I wish I could drug him to calm him down! Not only does he run around naked, he’s also REALLY defiant and doesn’t ever want to listen to me or Marie. It is truly frustrating when you’re trying to feed him and he want’s nothing more than to just take the food and throw it either on the floor or at your face. Adam can usually calm him down and get him to eat and I don’t know how he does it, but I wish Michael would listen to me more… I guess I’ll just have to keep trying.

Hailey on the other hand, has no problems listening. Well, except when we tell her to let go. She gets awfully attached to things. Like her toys for instance. And when we try to take it away she throws a fit until we break down and give it back to her. Then she just smiles like nothing happens. She also follows Marie around everywhere she goes. I found her one time sitting at the end of our lot just waiting for Marie to come home from work. I had to pull her inside kicking and screaming (and smiling sheepishly at the neighbors who were staring) because she wouldn’t come inside. But the last thing I needed was for her to get kidnapped, so inside we went where her toys distracted her immediately. At least I know how to easily occupy her…

And one final piece of good news! We were finally able to have our latest expansion! We put in for it the minute we found out that Marie was pregnant. And they finally came two days ago to expand the upstairs. We now have a second bathroom, I mean with six people in the family, one bathroom was NOT going to cut it. And we finally have beds for everyone! At least for now… Until the twins age up and no longer fit in their toddler beds… BUT that is a different problem for a different day! Now I’m off to bed, Michael and Hailey are sleeping, Adam’s reading a book, Elliot is just coming back from fishing, and Marie is picking up the toys. So it’s goodnight for now!


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