Chapter 11 – A Surprise


Marie’s Journal Entry #3

My prayers have been answered! As you know, Caleb and I have been desperately trying for a baby girl. Well we can finally rest easily! We welcomed little baby Hailey into the family! I’m so excited! Just think of all the fun us girls are going to have together! Caleb is a little worried though. He’s convinced that she’s going to be in more danger because she’s a girl. And he’s worried that she’s going to be forced into the breeding program. I guess I forgot to tell him that only one person per household is put into the program. And with her three brothers, the chances of her being picked isn’t all that great.

Yes, you read that correctly. I said three brothers. Not only were we blessed with our little girl, Hailey, we were also blessed with her twin brother, Michael! Without any hospitals to get checkups during my pregnancy, I had absolutely no idea that I was carrying twins! I thought for sure that Caleb was going to collapse when I started delivering the second one! I will admit, we were NOT prepared for two babies. But we’ll make do. We have too, there’s no going back now.

The older boys both had different reactions to seeing their new siblings. Adam, of course, took to them right away! He’s always at their bassinets cooing at them. I will admit that he can get a little over-bearing at times. I would appreciate it if he would leave them alone while they’re napping, though. But it’s nice to see him loving his younger siblings.

Elliot on the other hand… He was a little bit more skeptical. I don’t know if he was jealous because there are now more kids to fight for our attention or if he was angry he just doesn’t like them. I just don’t know what to do with him. He has always had more of a… a… difficult personality to deal with. I just hope that someday he will grow out of it.

A few weeks ago, while I was still pregnant, Caleb came home with a chess set. I have no idea where he found one or how he managed to get it at all, but he told me it was for me. He told me that I was focusing too much on my work with the books. He may have had a point. Playing has really giving the break that I needed. While I have absolutely no idea how to actually play chess, no one in The Waste does, it’s been fun just pretending that I do.

Yesterday, Caleb told me a story about Adam and one of the neighbor ladies. I don’t recall her name, but Adam had taken to talking to her everyday for a week. He had eventually found out that she was having an argument with one of her friends. And, from what Caleb tells me, Adam managed to get her to see things from her friend’s point of view! My little man is quite the little helper! He make this momma so proud! I’m excited to see where his big heart takes him later in life.

Well, I need to go. I can hear Michael crying. A mother’s duty is never done! I’ll write again soon!



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