Chapter 10 – Parenting


Caleb’s Journal Entry #8:

We have a rebellious child on our hands. No matter how many times Marie and I talk to Elliot about how he needs to be there to protect his younger brother, he doesn’t want to listen. The other day I witnessed Elliot ignoring Adam. I can tell that little Adam loves his big brother and just wants to have someone to play with him, but Elliot just wasn’t having any of it. Elliot is too young right now to realize that, with the way we are living, family is all that we have. No doubt he’ll eventually grow out of it, but as a father, its hard to see a little discord between your children. You just want them to laugh and have fun together all the time.

I’ve notice that during this pregnancy, Marie has taken to hiding upstairs while the kids are downstairs. It looks to me like she’s trying to get some peace and quiet. I don’t blame her. Sometimes Elliot can be a real handful. So she likes to take a book and read to the new baby. She reads stories of princesses and Unicorns like that will help determine if its going to be a boy or a girl. I’ve heard that there are certain types off food that are supposed to be able to help with the chances of having a girl, but I have no idea what they are or where I would even find them in The Waste without getting in some sort of trouble.

I made the mistake of telling Elliot about some aspects of life outside of The Waste… He especially liked the idea of bathing in a tub. The idea that you filled a giant bowl with water and washed your whole body at one time rather than scrubbing with a towel from a sink just seemed to amazing him. Now every time that I see him washing up, he has this pout on his face. He told me that he would rather bathe in a tub then wash in the sink. As someone who grew up on the outside, I can agree. But washing in a sink is better than not washing AT ALL! But someday, I believe we will have tubs and showers again! Maybe not in my lifetime, but at some point we will.

I have to admit something. Work has really been draining me lately. I work such late hours and always come home completely exhausted. It’s hard to come home to my family and not have the energy to play with the kids or give Marie the attention she deserves. I know my work is important, but I just wish that I could take a small vacation. Just one week would be great. But vacation doesn’t exist in The Waste. I could just imagine Jonas’ reaction to that… “Vacation? You can rest when you’re dead!” God, that guy doesn’t even come around anymore and he still finds a way to piss me off.

I can’t believe how fast time flies by! We recently celebrated Adam’s birthday, and man, he’s one handsome kid. Takes after his father, that’s for sure! Elliot has come around and is more than happy to play with his brother now. Probably because now Adam is bigger and can play more adventurous games, like cops and robbers, with him. I’m glad to see my boys getting along. Marie would prefer them to do less “dangerous” stuff like reading. You can’t see it, but I’m rolling my eyes. Cops and robbers isn’t dangerous! Though it’s weird… I used to play that game with my friends as a kid and we always fought about who would be the cop. No one wanted to be the robber. Elliot and Adam never have that problem. Elliot is always more than happy to be the robber. I suggested he try being the cop once and he threw such a fit! He prefers to be the robber and Adam prefers to be the cob. I hope that doesn’t reflect their futures… Well Adam as a cop would be okay, but Elliot as a robber is troubling…

Marie had a big promotion at work. Which, of course, causes her to work that much harder at home. And let me tell you, those chairs are NOT comfortable for a non-pregnant person. So I can only imagine how uncomfortable those chairs are for someone who is at the end of her pregnancy.

At least we won’t have to worry about that for long. I hear Marie yelling at me that the baby is coming! So I’ve gotta wrap this up…

Our new bundle of joy is on the way!


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