Chapter 9 – Misery And Joy


Caleb’s Journal Entry #7:

So, a while ago Marie came up to me with this very serious look on her face. Right away, my thoughts went to the boys. I was so worried that something had happened while I was at work. Fortunately, the boys were fine. Marie had wanted to talk about having another child. She said she wanted a little girl. And as someone who has always wanted a big family, I was all for it! Sure this will make things harder for us, but they say misery loves company!

Speaking of misery… Poor Marie is having a really hard time lately. I’m surprise that she even broached the subject of a third child. She’s hit a bit of a wall at work and I think that she’s lost her motivation. Of course, when you have crappy equipment to work with, that doesn’t help matters. I do admire her though… I would have absolutely NO idea how to fix that computer. She has me beat out there!

OH! I decided to do something fatherly! I decided that it was time for Elliot to learn how to fish. So I took him to my favorite fishing spot behind our bunker and taught him the ropes. Or poles? Is that better fish lingo? No idea. But anyway, the kid is a natural! When I first started it took a while (and a few hooks in the thumb) to figure out how to bait and cast so that you wouldn’t lose your bait every time without getting a fish. Elliot picked it up in just a few hours whereas it took me a few days! Marie says it’s because he has a “great teacher” helping him. I think she’s full of crap, but hey! I must have done something right!

Did you know that when I first signed up for this “adventure” I was under the assumption that we would have the same sort of services that you could get on the outside. Well, let me tell you, THAT IS NOT THE CASE! I have seen the most intimate parts of a toilet and it is not pretty. How plumbers can stand working on these things all the time is beyond me! To make it worse, Elliot has really bad aim..Like really bad. Maybe he needs glasses… I’ll have to check into that. But about this toilet… having to repair your own stuff is the WORST. And the sink is nearly just as bad. Nearly.

Not so long ago, we had one of our regular visits from the friendly neighborhood “mob.” Now, we get them around at least once a week. What made this one special was that I think this guy was new. First, he wasn’t even wearing the mailman disguise! Secondly, he came right up to our door! Normally, the money is just left in the mailbox and they just take it. This guy didn’t get that memo. I had to actually yell though the door that the money was in the mailbox! Never thought I would have to do the mob’s job for them! The best part is, I later saw him getting berated by another of his order about his visit. Only highlight.

But after the bad, comes the good! The really, really good! Shortly after the disastrously funny mob visit, Marie came to me and shared that all our attempts at conceiving have paid off! We are expecting our third child! Both Marie and I are crossing our fingers that it’s a baby girl, but we’ll be happy with either. Well, at least I will be… I have a sneaky suspicion that if it’s not a girl, that we will try again until we get one. That would be a really full house… Please PLEASE let it be a girl!


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