Chapter 7 – Family Matters


Caleb’s Journal Entry #6:

I’ve really done it now, dear readers. Two boys. Did you read that correctly? Two. Boys. I’m the father of two little men. Little Adam is the newest resident in our shack in The Waste that is the city of Glassbolt. I feel really bad bringing him into this horrible world, but he’s just so cute that I would definitely do it all over again. Well, maybe.

Surprisingly, Elliot is taking to Adam really well. I’ve heard that some kids get mad at new siblings, but Elliot was really happy. It is a little bit creepy how happy this kid is at everything. Well, I don’t know how happy he’ll be when Adam keeps him up all night with his crying every two hours. I guess we’ll see how that works out.

I got some really great news from the Culinary Council a while back, they’ve finally let me start cooking on the actual line! Now I’ll be able to get a first hand account on what exactly is wrong with the food preservation system and the cooking appliances. Once I’ve got that all figured out, WHAM! It should be a piece of cake to fix it! Or at least I hope so…

Unfortunately (or fortunately. You know how much I hate this guy…) we haven’t been able to get a hold of Jonas. So Elliot, Marie, and I are all stuck sharing the same double bed air-mattress. I don’t know what we’re going to do once Adam grows up. When Elliot grew up, it was almost like we skipped over his toddler years – almost like they didn’t exist. But I know we won’t be skipping Adam’s. Which means we really need this expansion. But of course, Jonas is being a bastard and completely ignoring us.

I remember when Marie had doubts when we first had Elliot, but she’s really grown into parenthood. She’s a natural! She knows exactly what to do or say to Elliot whenever he’s feeling down or is in one of his “moods”. I always seem to make things worse when I try. Marie tells me I just gotta let loose a little bit. Easy for her to say, she grew up here in The Waste. But she really is an amazing mother and I have no idea what I would do without her.

Oh yeah! And guess what I did! I started another damn fire! This grill and I are having a really bad love/hate relationship. At least the rest of the family was okay. I got some minor burns that faded after a while. But man! I have GOT to get this food thing figured out. I need a stove to cook with! This grill has got to go!

Little Adam grew up recently. He’s so cute and adorable! He’s got my hair color and Marie’s eyes. The exact opposite of Elliot who has Marie’s hair and my eyes. And since I know you’re wondering, no. We still have not been approved for the expansion. So for now… I guess we’ll just have to make due. It’s not ideal, but hey. Circumstance.

I’ve entered my adult years finally. But I still don’t feel like I’ve made much progress with the food situation. I must work harder. I’m beginning to worry that I won’t be able to make any improvements here in The Waste before I die. My only legacy would be my children. And these diaries… While that’s not a bad thing, I had hoped to make a better world for my boys.

We finally received word a couple days ago that our petition for an expansion was approved. We weren’t contacted by Jonas though… So I don’t really know what happened with all that. They (and by they I mean “the government”) said that Jonas was reassigned. I’m really curious as to what that means. For someone who seemed to relish in making my life hell, I don’t believe that he was just “reassigned” but whatever, we got the expansion. It wasn’t as big as we were hoping for, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

I’ve gotta end this here. I just watched Adam go into the bathroom. And the last time he snuck in there, he was making a HUGE mess… the little trouble maker! See you next time!


7 thoughts on “Chapter 7 – Family Matters”

  1. You update about like me! lmao I’m so glad to see this story continuing. I almost feel like this could’ve been two or three chapters with how much that happened in it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Believe me, I know that feeling. I’m sitting on some Thoreau chapters because I don’t want to put any out until I can update regularly.


      2. That’s a good idea too. I finally just decided to update all my stories on a rotational schedule because ive found that I update my ISBI more than anything and I wanted to even it out. So i added this story into the rotation so hopefully I’ll be able to update it more regularly


      3. I’m looking forward to more updates! Maybe one day I’ll update Taken by Storme again. One day…


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