Chapter 3 – Let’s Start Over


Caleb’s Journal – Entry 3

08-16-16_11-01-00 PM

So I had a long talk with my new roommate. A loooong talk. It turns out that she’s lived here her whole life. When she moved into my bunker, she was moved out of her zone, which means that she left behind all her friends and her family. I just assumed that they were going to stick me with some girl from my group. I never expected to be matched up with someone who had a whole life in the Waste.

Now I wouldn’t say that we’re friends, but we’re at least not going to try and kill each other every time we see one another. Oh! I also learned her name, like her real name. Not that stupid number they give everyone. It’s Marie. That was my grandmother’s name.

08-16-16_11-14-56 PM

What’s great about our little talk is that Marie’s finally agreed to actually live in the house. It’s weird living with someone. I haven’t lived with anyone since I left my house at 16. This has taken some getting used to.

08-16-16_11-16-00 PM

Marie is very handy. She wields a wrench like a real mechanic! Which is nice, now I don’t have to fix everything that breaks. Mainly that sink, you know that one that breaks every time you freakin use it.

08-16-16_11-21-36 PM

So, since Marie and I are talking now, we’ve been learning things about each other. Things that I’ve learned about her so far: She has 2 brothers (she’s the middle child), one brother is a Tech, the other brother is an agent, her dad was killed in a robbery, her mom lives with her older brother since she can’t live on her own because of her arthritis, and she works in the Culture sector as an Author.

08-16-16_11-28-26 PM

08-16-16_11-29-28 PM

I’ve shown Marie where all the good harvest spots are while I took her on a tour of the Zone. She had told me she was a little bored around the bunker (let’s face it, there’s NOTHING to do here anyway), so I thought gathering food would be something fun. She could also meet new people and make new friends.

I’ve gotta say, she got the worse end of this breeding program deal. I volunteered to move into the Waste. I know nobody here. She had a whole life. I think I may have misjudged her. But don’t tell her I said that.

08-16-16_11-33-34 PM

She is a really nice person though. She puts up with all the grime I accumulate while at work. And she stays up until I get home. I can’t tell if it’s because she’s lonely or if she doesn’t want me to be alone when I get home. Either way, it’s growing on me. She’s grown on me.

08-16-16_11-35-32 PM

We’ve grown so accustomed to each other since she’s moved in. Jonas would be so happy to see that we’re actually working things out. That slimeball.

08-16-16_11-47-51 PM

Oh, you know what I’m sick of? Reading the same books over and over. Plus there’s nothing else that’s fun to do. Marie tells me that she’ll eventually be allowed to write new stories and textbooks. I can’t wait for that day!

08-16-16_11-51-27 PM

In other news: I almost died the other day. I was busy grilling some fruit when… BOOM! The grill was on fire and I was on fire! I just barely managed to extinguish the fire on me. I had turned around to put out the other fire and I saw something amazing.

08-16-16_11-51-44 PM

Marie is a badass. I’ll admit, I found it super hot (no pun intended). I don’t think I ever realized how attractive she is. She put out that fire like a boss.

08-16-16_11-52-45 PM

Well. We had our visit from the mob. After we payed the Zone Tax, they arrived at our door. Took all of our money, now we can’t replace the grill. This has just been the cherry on top of the worst few days ever.

08-17-16_12-01-31 AM

Without any real plumbing, I haven’t really been able to clean up my burns. It makes sleeping a real pain. I can only hope that I don’t get an infection. Without any healthcare, it’s a big concern.

08-17-16_12-02-59 AM

Thankfully, Marie has been kind enough to really help me out. She helps clean my burns, which I really appreciate. I’m afraid that I would pass out if I had to do it. Really, I don’t know if I could picture doing this with anyone BUT Marie. I don’t even picture a life with Luna anymore.

08-17-16_12-03-27 AM

08-17-16_12-04-51 AM

The way her eyes sparkle when she smiles, how she covers her mouth when she laughs, the way her strands of hair trickle on her face every now and then. Oh God! I think I might be falling in love with her!


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