Chapter 2 – New…Friends


Caleb’s Journal: Entry 2

So. Remember when I said that there was no way they could make me marry the mate they had picked out for me right away? Apparently I was wrong.

08-16-16_10-23-22 PM

I had heard a knock at my door and just assumed that it was Luna, so I was going to go down and tell her all about how Jonas is forcing me into the breeding program. But what do you know, it wasn’t Luna. It was that asshole, Jonas. Only he wasn’t alone. There was a girl with him. I was pissed. They were seriously going way too far! It was too soon! I started yelling at Jonas. But before I could get very far into my tirade, I was interrupted.

08-16-16_10-32-06 PM

The girl went off on me. Something about how the world doesn’t revolve around me and that she wasn’t happy about it either. She kind of took me by surprise. I don’t know what I was expecting from her, but it sure wasn’t this.

08-16-16_10-32-22 PM

I’ll admit that I probably wasn’t handling the situation the best, but this was a lot for one person to take in. I just waved her off.

08-16-16_10-42-20 PM

Jonas just laughed and walked away. He told us we had better figure out our differences because we were stuck with each other. I was furious. The girl was furious.

08-16-16_10-48-15 PM

Well. Having a housemate has been really weird. We don’t really talk. Like at all. I still haven’t even learned her name. When we’re in the house, all we do is sit at opposite sides of the table. That first day, we just sat there and stared at each other. It got kind of awkward. It’s lucky I had to work, so I was able to leave.

08-16-16_10-50-10 PM

08-16-16_10-53-10 PM

For the first few days after she moved in, we pretty much stayed away from each other. I concentrated on getting food so that I could continue working on my cooking skills.

I’ve noticed that my roommate reads a lot. Since we don’t talk, I don’t know for sure what sector she works in, but I’m pretty sure it’s in the culture sector.

I also find myself looking at her every once in a while. I can tell she’s pissed off at the situation just like I am. But she might be even more pissed off. I wonder how long she’s been here. Maybe she had other relationships. Like real ones. And now she’s stuck here? I dunno.

08-16-16_10-56-31 PM

08-16-16_10-57-11 PM

Hmmm. I don’t see her in the bunker. I should probably go find her. Last thing I need is to get in trouble for her wondering off…




5 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – New…Friends”

  1. I’m very curious about Caleb’s mate. It would definitely make for some tension between them if she’s pining away from someone she left in another zone.


  2. Well she’s deffinently different from what he was expecting. Ha! Serves you right Caleb. This world has to many problems for you to get picky but to mention how do you think she feels. Still excited to see what happens next though😋


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