Chapter 1 – A New Beginning


Caleb’s Journal Entry 1:

08-10-16_1-46-01 PM

Okay, I know. I used my name instead of my ID number. But let’s be honest, no one’s going to read this besides me anyway, so what the hell. So this wasteland that I’ve been sent too is…kind of beautiful in a way. But once you realize that it’s almost devoid of life, it really bums you out. So let me lay it out for you. All water is contaminated, it must be purified before it is drunk. Most food is gone. The only food sources still around are plants and fish. Sounds like I’m being forced on a diet. Great.

08-10-16_1-46-34 PM

Most wild life is fake. Just placed in the world so that we’re tricked into thinking that the Waste isn’t that bad. But trust me, the Waste is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I mean seriously, if we have the funds to PAINT the ground green, we have funds to fix the water right? Wrong. Government genius at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen.

08-10-16_5-26-02 PM

Most building are vacant. There are hardly any businesses in operation. Just those that are certified by the Government. Man, I’m starting to sense a trend here, aren’t you? I’m starting to wonder if it’s less Government run and more mobster run. BUT I shouldn’t be poking my nose into things. I mean I just got here. We’ll just pretend it’s the Government in charge. For now.

08-10-16_5-26-29 PM

I do see signs of rebuilding. But, again, I think they’re fake. They have these big cranes off in the distance, but I’ve been here almost a full week and I haven’t seen them in operation once. So I don’t know what the hell that’s about, but whatever.

08-10-16_5-25-25 PM

Everyone lives in the same “house” but I don’t know if I’d call it that. It’s more like a cell. There are 183 zones in Glassbolt and I’ve been told each of them have the same bunkers. They could have at least made them different colors. I mean they pick this awful color that almost blends in with the Waste! It’s good camouflage I guess…

08-10-16_5-27-00 PM

I live in Zone C16. Visiting other zones is strictly prohibited. Visiting ANYWHERE is prohibited. You must stay in your zone at all times except for the government mandated work. You can’t even visit other bunkers in your zone. And we all have to wear an ankle band and our bunkers have sensors that let officials know if you’ve entered an unauthorized area. If that happens you get taken for “reconditioning” whatever that is. I don’t wanna find out!

08-10-16_5-27-50 PM

But it can be a bit boring. I mean there’s nothing to do! I have one blow up mattress that looks like it came from an old camping site, it’s got patched up holes all over the place! I’ve got a few tables and chairs. Nothing too big. They’re all scratched up and everything, but I guess that’s to be expected. You know, the Waste and all…

08-10-16_5-28-00 PM

I’ve got one small area with a toilet. No shower or tub. And my kitchen consists of one sink and one cheap ass looking grill that will probably try and kill me the minute I try and use it.

08-10-16_5-31-40 PM

On the ground level all I have is a fire pit. And that’s only because I gathered that stuff myself. The government seems to think that it’s safer to have all our living quarters stuff (if you can call it that) above the ground in case of another catastrophe. I dunno. I think it’s a load of bogus.

08-10-16_5-56-52 PM

On my second day inside Glassbolt, I was visited by a “Government” official. He called himself Jonas and asked me for my ID number. I was confused for a couple reasons:

1) If he was with the government, why didn’t he introduce himself with his number. I mean that’s government policy. So why didn’t he have a number? Everyone else has one. He said that since he was a person of “influence” that he didn’t need one. That’s bull. There’s something weird going on here. But whatever, we don’t ask questions.

2) Why did he need to ask my ID number? Don’t government officials usually know these things? He said he was just checking to make sure I had it memorized and to make sure he was at the right bunker. I guess that could be an easy mistake – you know since everyone lives in the EXACT SAME HOUSE.

08-10-16_5-57-05 PM

Anyway he had come to tell me about my work mandate. I’m a chef. I thought for sure something science related you know? To maybe fix some of the radiation problems? But no. I get to help make food. Wonderful.

He explained that there are four different “classes” of jobs. There’s the service sector (Chef, entertainers, athletes), the commerce sector (Techs and business), the protection sector (Astronaut, agents, and I highly suspect the mobsters fall here too, in their own way), and the culture sector (painters and writers).

I wonder how they decide what sector to put you in? I mean I’d only been here a day before he told me what my job was. How can they know where to put me without seeing what I’m capable of. Seems a little odd. But I guess it doesn’t matter.

08-10-16_6-04-32 PM

I found a great fishing spot, just down the ridge from my bunker the other day. Without any bait though, the fishing isn’t really all that great. But I guess I’ll just have to make due. Is it weird that I find Glassbolt kind of beautiful at night? Without the sun glaring down on everything, the Waste doesn’t look as harsh and has sort of a peaceful quality to it.

08-10-16_6-05-42 PM

I’m thankful I found the fishing spot, I really am, but fish can be really… bland. Especially since there are no herbs or spices in the Waste. But at least its food. It’s funny though, I didn’t like fish before I was sent here. But when fish is all you can eat, you eat it. Even if you don’t like it. I do have this biggest craving for a large tub of caramel and chocolate swirl ice cream though.

08-10-16_6-11-44 PM

The other day, I was roaming around the zone waiting for my work shift to start, and I stumbled upon some wild onions! This will really help with the flavor of the fish that I’ve been eating. Even grilled onions would be a great snack. I continued to wander the zone in search for more food and I found some carrots! This is going to really improve the quality of my fish dishes.

08-10-16_6-29-52 PM

On my stroll of the zone, I met some of my neighbors. I turns out everyone that came in with me were sent to other zones. My neighbors have been here for months or years. This one girl down the street told me that one of the guys has been here so long that he doesn’t even remember his real name. He actually uses his ID number like his name. I can’t wait to meet him, I have so many questions! Questions that I can’t ask Jonas without being reconditioned.

08-10-16_6-26-38 PM

Ever hear the saying “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?” Yeah, I’m totally feeling that right about now. Never knew how much I was going to miss taking a shower until there’s no way to shower. I mean washing your hands only does so much when you’re washing with contaminated water. I feel disgusting.

08-10-16_6-41-57 PM

Also, it doesn’t help when your sink decides to stop working almost every other day. Seriously. Twice this week. I’m about to throw the damn thing out the window. Its too much hassle for what it’s worth.

08-10-16_6-31-02 PM

I did meet this girl the other day. She’s…wow. Her name is Luna. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. In or out of the Waste. She’s part of the commerce sector, business. She makes me feel like a rebellious teen. Seriously, I have the biggest crush on this girl. I threw caution in the wind and asked her if she wanted to do something together. Not like we could do a lot, you know with all the restrictions on us.

08-10-16_6-18-56 PM

But I eventually convinced her to join me for dinner (I had harvested some delicious fruit earlier in the day). Since she couldn’t come in the house, I figured we’d just eat outside. Well, that was the plan anyway…

08-10-16_6-55-14 PM

The night she was supposed to come over, I heard my doorbell ring. So I go down to open it, thinking it was Luna, and it’s Mr. Government Official himself. I new right when I saw him that I wasn’t going to like this visit. I mean, no good ever came from late night visits.

08-10-16_6-55-58 PM

I was right too. Apparently one of my neighbors had heard that Luna was coming over and reported it to the government. Jonas had come to tell me that procreation with an unapproved spouse was prohibited. (Not like I was even thinking about that right now. I mean I DID just meet her.) Apparently when people inside the Waste reach the age 21 they are registered into, what Jonas calls, the Breeding Program. As I was 21 when I entered into the Waste, I was automatically registered. And Jonas was here to tell me that Luna, who was 20, wouldn’t/couldn’t be my mate. (Again, not what I had in mind) What really pissed me off was that he told me they already had one picked out for me.

08-10-16_6-56-38 PM

You would not even believe how mad I got! I went off, like I’ve never been this mad in my life! I mean it’s one thing to live in a world with no food, no water, and a controlling government who makes all kinds of stupid and ridiculous rules which you have to follow in order to escape the “reconditioning.” But what kind of life can we live without love? The possibility of maybe having something with Luna had given me hope after a week of hell. Love is the only way we were going to survive!

08-10-16_6-58-14 PM

Jonas didn’t care. He said that if I thought that way, that I had better figure out how to love my chosen mate otherwise I was going to be reconditioned. I said I didn’t care and that somethings mattered more. He told me that I wouldn’t be the only one to reconditioned if I chose that. He told me that Luna would also have to be.

08-10-16_6-58-31 PM

I couldn’t do that to her. She didn’t deserve that. I backed off. Sure they had a mate picked out for now, but I maybe I can hold them off until Luna was of age. Then I can file a petition to have her be my mate. Sure, I know that I just met her, but there’s something there. I know there is.

08-10-16_7-08-38 PM

I mean, I’ve only been here a week. They can’t expect me to marry this girl they’ve pick out tomorrow, right? I’ll just have to bid my time.

Ah crap. There’s the door bell. Hopefully it’s Luna. I’ll write more next week. Caleb out!


6 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – A New Beginning”

  1. Oh, this is very interesting. Is Caleb a Wonderchild who has already maxed cooking and gourmet cooking?

    Trying to find any kind of happiness in such a regulated and controlled environment is going to be such a struggle. Personally, I have high hopes for whoever Caleb’s assigned mate is, but I’m a sucker for arranged marriages. 😛


  2. Nope, he’s someone that I just created. I like a good challenge 😉

    It’s something that Caleb is really going to have a hard time with. He’s such a romantic. It’s going to be interesting watching his story unfold with his new mate 🙂


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