Chapter 0 – Prologue


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“Ugh. This assignment stinks. Why do I have to do a report on the city? Glassbolt isn’t even interesting. NOTHING ever happens here. I mean come on. It’s 2732! Why are we still doing history papers?” said Carly, furiously.

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“You know,” said the woman across from Carly, “Glassbolt actually has some interesting beginnings. You should check out the city archives, they’re on the second floor on the east wall. I think you’ll find some interesting stuff up there!”

Carly looked at the woman skeptically. No way was there anything interesting about this city! But it couldn’t hurt to check.

“Thanks Lady. I’ll check it out.” Carly replied.

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Carly heeded the woman’s advice and went upstairs. Finding the right section, she looked at the bookshelves. These books looked all sorts of boring! This assignment was getting more and more annoying as it went on. Sighing, Carly picked up one of the dustiest, oldest, books she had ever held in her life. Looking at the cover, she couldn’t figure out why it was here. It looked like someone’s diary. Why would a diary be in the archive section? Knowing this assignment wasn’t going to right itself, Carly sat down and started to read…

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“I arrived in Glassbolt today. Going through the containment wall was a… was a real adventure – for want of a better word. It was crazy! All these rules I had to learn. Can’t use this, can’t use that, not allowed to do that, never go near there. I’m never going to remember all that! As I am a part of the last group of relief effort the government is going to send, they told me I should write everything down so that, if something goes wrong (well, more than it has already), they have a record of what happened. 

Once through the Wall, Myself and the rest of the group were shunted away to a building just on the inside. But we were allowed our first glimpse of the city. Or at least what was left of the city. The place is a wasteland! Broken homes and businesses, scarce vegetation and wildlife. It’s a wonder anything is even still alive here! How the hell am I supposed to help rebuild it? Anyway, while we were in the building, which turns out to be part of the government relief program, we were given our identity numbers. Our names were striped away, they feel a number is better. Easier to keep track of. So my name is no longer Caleb Saunders, my ID number is GRPGJ-10195 or 10195 for short. Welcome to hell folks.

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Carly stared at the page she had just finished. She couldn’t believe it! Glassbolt was once a wasteland? Hard to believe with all the lush greenery that was outside the window at that very moment. If this was true, this would be a great topic for her paper! Carly returned to the bookshelf looking for more books.

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She was surprised to find hundreds of diaries just like the one she had in her hand. How long did the wasteland last? When did they finally fix everything? This was going to be a great paper, Carly could tell. She grabbed all the books that she could and headed home. She had some research to do.

Thanks for reading! Starting in the next chapter we’ll start right into the challenge! We’ll see Caleb/10195 get started in his new life in Glassbolt!

*Important Note: This story starts as a simlit, but switches to commentary style half-way through Gen 2. I found myself dreading playing this because of trying to get enough content to even create chapters and it was stressful for me. So I switched to my regular commentary style which made this challenge MUCH more enjoyable for me to play


11 thoughts on “Chapter 0 – Prologue”

  1. This is such an interesting start! It’s a great hook; I already can’t wait to find out more about Glassbolt and Caleb.


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